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Bin collections

You can use Blackburn with Darwen Council's online bin collection calendar "MyBins" to find out when your bin collections are.

Please make sure that you put your bins out before 7:00am on your collection day

Help with bins for the elderly, disabled or infirm.

If you are elderly/disabled and/or infirm you can arrange for the collection crews to collect and return your bin to you.

The service is free but we ask that you complete a form. If there are no persons living at the address who are capable of putting out the bins, we will collect and return them from your property.

Request or cancel an assisted bin collection

Bin colours and what they mean

Burgundy bin

Burgundy bins

For all non-recyclable household rubbish. This is collected weekly.

Grey bins

For all recyclables. This is collected fortnightly.

Download a copy of the latest grey bin information leaflet.

No bags please.  From now on:

  • Only loose recyclable items in the grey bin
  • No more plastic carrier bags
  • No side waste in plastic bags
  • We can only empty your grey bin if it contains loose recyclable items only

We need to reduce contamination including food, carrier bags, nappies, polysterene and black bin bags. The crews need to see what is in your bin so no more plastic carrier bags are allowed.

If you collect your rubbish in a plastic bag in the kitchen, then continue to do so but instead of throwing it in the bin when it is full, simply empty it into the bin and start again.

We can no longer collect side waste in carrier bags so please squash items to make 50% more room in your bin. If you leave extra recyclable bags beside your bin on collection day, they wont be collected. If you still need more room, contact us.

If you forget and put plastic carrier bags in my bin, we cannot empty it. Please empty all the recyclables into the bin loose. If your bin is contaminated, we will leave some authorised clear sacks for you to use and will empty your bin on the next collection day if the contaminated items have been removed.

What you can put in your grey bin:
Grey bin
  • cans
  • glass
  • plastic
  • paper-based cartons
  • paper and cardboard
  • margarine/butter tubs
  • yogurt pots
  • clear plastic food trays
  • takeaway trays
  • most plastic packaging.


Please remember to rinse out all recyclable items; food leftovers cause hygiene problems and can mean otherwise good recyclables have to be landfilled.

Please remove all lids and tops from bottles and jars and put them in your burgundy bins. We cannot recycle these.

Please remove any labels from bottles and cans if possible and rinse them out before putting them in your grey bin.

Brown bin

Brown bins

Some households are members of our green waste collection scheme and are provided with a brown bin which to put this in, to be collected on a fortnightly basis. Please check your collection dates on the MyBins wesbite.

What you can put in your brown bin?
Yes please:
  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • leaves
  • branches
  • weeds
  • dead plants
  • flowers
No thanks:
  • Plastic bags (tip contents out of bags if in the "yes please" list")
  • plant pots
  • stones, rubble, soil
  • general rubbish
  • food


Bin sizes

All bins come in one size only. We cannot supply bins in different sizes.

Missed and uncollected bins

If your bin has not been collected after you put it out report a missed bin collection

Your bin could have not been collected for a number of reasons:

  • It was  contaminated with non-recyclable waste such as nappies, food, polysterene, black bin bags or plastic carrier bags. NOTE : The recycling service is changing – we will soon only be allowed to collect recyclables if they are loose in your bin – no more bags allowed. A pilot scheme is being launched in July with a couple of areas to monitor how the change affects residents and the full scheme will be rolled out in October 2015. If your bin is contaminated, we will leave authorised clear sacks for you to use and will collect your bin on the next collection day if the contamination has been removed.
  • Your bin may be too heavy for the refuse collectors to move, or for the refuse wagon to lift safely;
  • There was too much waste in your bin and it was overflowing. Some waste needs to be removed so that the bin lid will close fully and make sure it is safe for us to collect;
  • Your garden waste bin may be full of mixed waste, e.g. a bin bag plus garden waste;
  • You did not put your bin out in time for collection. Please put your bins out for 7am;
  • You have the wrong collection day.

Please use Blackburn with Darwen Council's online bin collection calendar, "MyBins" to find out when your collection days are.

Lost, missing and replacement bins

Please note that replacement burgundy bins incur an admin charge of £20 per bin.

Bins often reappear because someone has mistakenly taken the wrong bin after collection. This is why we usually only send out a replacement bin if the original bin still hasn't turned up after a week. Our advice is to ask your neighbours if they may have taken your bin by mistake.

If your burgundy, grey or brown bin has definitely gone missing, please contact us to report it.

For missing burgundy refuse bins, we will send you out some refuse sacks to use as a temporary measure.

For missing recycling grey bins we will send some clear recycling sacks and for brown bins we will send out bio-bags. If your bin hasn't reappeared by the following collection, please call us again.

Extra bins

Please note that additional burgundy bins incur an admin charge of £20 per bin.

It is possible to apply for an additional Refuse (Burgundy) bin. You need to contact B Direct so that a 'waste audit' can be carried out on your waste before a second bin can be issued. Any additional bins supplied will be chargeable at £20 per bin.

It also possible to order additional Recycling (Grey) and Brown (Green waste) Bins.

Contact us for an application form.

Yes in some circumstances you may be eligible for a second brown bin. Please contact us for more information.

You can also:

  • take excess material to the garden waste and recycling skips at the Household Waste and Recycling Centres .
  • home compost your excess garden waste. We have free leaflets on how to make a simple compost bin.

Bins when you move house

When you buy a new house you need to organise your waste collection services. There is a one-off payment which covers the cost of both the normal refuse bin and all your recycling containers. Sometimes the property developer will organise and pay for setting up the service, so it is worth asking them about this before you move in.

Please note that if you buy a bin from another supplier please contact us and we will check that it meets our requirements.

To make arrangements to have your waste collected by the council, or for any queries regarding your refuse collection, please contact us.

How do I get rid of other household waste such as furniture, rubble etc?

Please see the Bulky waste collection information pages.

Where is my nearest recycling site?

There are a number of recycle sites throughout Blackburn with Darwen borough. Find your nearest site.

Does the Council offer a bin cleaning service?

No, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep your bin clean:

  • Wrap all loose rubbish first, especially food and nappies;
  • Put cardboard in the bottom so that no rubbish will stick to the base;
  • Although we do not provide a service, some private firms will clean your bin for a charge, but please make sure they have any necessary licenses for discharging waste and water.

Bin do's and don'ts

Please do:

  1. Put your bin at the edge of the property by 7:00am with the lid closed.
  2. Take the bin back into your property as soon as possible after collection to prevent arson, theft and vandalism.
  3. Put your house number/address on the bin and your back gate (if you have one).
  4. Recycle as much of your rubbish as possible.
  5. Wrap and seal food and nappies and put them in the bin.
  6. Flatten boxes etc. to make the best use of the bin space
  7. Animal excrement: bag all excrement before placing in the bin

Please do not:

  1. Put your bin out before 6pm on the evening before collection.
  2. Overfill the bin or put bricks, soil or DIY waste in the bin, this may result in your bin not being collected.
  3. Leave additional rubbish on top of, or beside your bin: it will NOT be collected.
  4. Park vehicles in positions which may stop the wagon getting into the street or back alley as it may mean your bin cannot be collected.
  5. Leave any rubbish in the back street: this is illegal. There are separate arrangements for the collection of bulky items.

Contact details

Mail Environmental Services, Davyfield Road, Roman Rd., Industrial Estate, Blackburn. BB1 2LX
Phone Number(s) 01254 585921
Fax Number(s) 01254 585202
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