Burying cremated remains in the grave

You may bury cremated remains in the grave if you are the grave owner. However, you must not bury them in the grave yourself without authorisation from the Council - please contact the bereavement services office. An interment form must be completed and the grave deed produced, and arrangements will be made for the grave to be prepared for you.

If you require further full burials in the same grave in the future, the cremated remains will be buried at the head or foot end of the grave so that they will not be disturbed when the grave is next excavated.

An entry will be made in the graves register so that the burial is officially recorded.

Choosing music for the service

You can choose the music for the service. The crematorium has a selection of music available, details of which are available at the crematorium, or you may prefer to supply your own CD or tape, which should be given to your funeral director in advance.

Curtains around the coffin at the committal

You may choose to have the curtains left open if you wish.

Alternative coffins for cremation

Your funeral director will help and advise you on the choice of coffin. There are many types of coffin available made from alternative materials, but not all are suitable for cremation. Pleasington Crematorium will accept coffins made from wicker or willow. The coffin must be purchased from a supplier listed on the website of the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association or the Coffin, Casket and Shroud Association. These coffins have been subject to rigorous testing and are approved for cremation. The crematorium must be notified no later than three days before the funeral, providing details of the supplier, type and model of coffin. Please note that we are unable to accept cardboard coffins.

Disposal of cremated remains

This is an important decision and there is no need to hurry.

Your funeral director should discuss the various options with you, prior to asking you to sign a form of authority advising the crematorium of your wishes. A leaflet is available from the bereavement services office detailing the various options available.

If you are undecided, ask your funeral director to collect the cremated remains from the crematorium and keep them until you are ready.

Scattering cremated remains

If you wish to scatter the remains in the Gardens of Remembrance, you are not permitted to do this on your own. Scattering appointments are available at set times, seven days a week.

An appointment must be arranged through the bereavement services office and a member of staff will assist you. There is a special device at the crematorium called a scattering urn, which disperses the cremated remains in a more reverent manner. Having witnessed the scattering, staff will then record the plot details so that future relatives/friends can trace the resting place of their family member/friend.

If you are taking the cremated remains elsewhere, you must follow procedures and seek permission of the landowner wherever this is possible.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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