Domestic pest control

Treatments are available for domestic properties as detailed in the table below.

A domestic property is a property which is occupied by someone as their home. This could be either:

  • an owner occupied property
  • a rented property which is currently occupied by a tenant (tenants responsibility)
  2015 Charges 2016 Charges
Rats £15 per visit (initial charge of £30) FREE
Mice £15 per visit (initial charge of £30) FREE
Cockroaches £15 per visit (initial charge of £30) £56 (for up to two visits)
Fleas £48 £56 (for up to two visits)
Wasps £48 £48 (per visit)
Bed Bugs £120.00 (per room) £160 (per room)
Garden Ants £48 £35 (per visit)

Gardens are the natural habitat of mice therefore treatment is not available in this environment.

*All payments must be received up front, either via debit card, or at one of the Councils collection points.

Treatments for rats and mice will be wherever possible carried out on a priority service.

The Pest Control officers will only use poisons as a last resort, occupiers will be advised on both proofing and housekeeping measures, these measures must be rectified before any poiosns are placed on the premises.

Treatments for rats and mice will be limited to just three visits per job, all poisons will be removed on the third visit.

Why is this service now chargeable?

The Council is under great pressure to make even further financial cut backs.  Where it is no longer cost effective for the council to offer a free of charge service, alternatives will be sought but some changes will inevitably be unpopular.  The pest control charging policy has been introduced for certain treatments as we can no longer maintain a free of charge service

What is the charge actually covering?

The charge covers the initial visit and assessment made by our Pest Control specialist, along with any treatments that may be used for up to and including two 2 visits. There is however no guarantee that the treatment will work after the first two visits.  This will be a decision made by the officer based on the situation.

What happens if I miss a visit? Can I have a refund?

If a visit has been booked and the PCO can't gain entry to the property on this day then this visit will be forfeited. If a customer needs to rearrange a visit this can be done with 24 hours prior notice. We DO NOT offer refunds in full or part if we have visited your property.  We will ONLY offer a full refund if no service/visits have occurred and the request has been cancelled with 24 hours notice.

How do I make the payments?

Payments can be made over the phone by debit or credit card

Can I pay in instalments?

Unfortunately we cannot accept part payments for pest control treatments.  We will only arrange a visit once the payment has been made in full

I cannot afford to pay these fees. What can I do?

Unfortunately there are no concessions available for this service

I am not happy with this policy change.  Who do I make a complaint to?

You are advised to speak to your local councillor who can advise you on the reasons behind the change in policy.  You can also put your complaint in writing using our online feedback forms.​

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