Freemen and freedom of the Borough

Honorary Freemen of the County Borough of Blackburn

HRH the Prince of Wales, K.G.
Conferred 4th April, 1888

Sir William Henry Hornby
Conferred 4th December, 1902

Alderman Henry Harrison
Conferred 3rd June, 1909

The Rt. Hon. the Viscount Morley of Blackburn, O.M.
Conferred 7th March, 1912

Sir William Coddington
Conferred 7th March, 1912

Mrs. Elma Amy Yerburgh
Conferred 5th September, 1935

Alderman George Brand Eddie, O.B.E.
Conferred 26th October, 1960

Alderman Robert Fallows Mottershead, C.B.E.
Conferred 18th November, 1965

The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

Conferred on the East Lancashire Regiment on February 5, 1948, subsequently inherited by the Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers) on November 6, 1958 and by the Queen's Lancashire Regiment on March 25, 1970 and by the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment on July 1, 2006.

The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Castle of Blackburn
Conferred 23rd November, 1979

Sir Charles Fletcher-Cooke, Q.C.
Conferred 23rd November, 1979

The Rt. Hon. the Lord Taylor of Blackburn C.B.E.
Conferred 2nd April, 1992

The Right Honourable Jack Straw
Conferred 1st October 2015

Honorary Freemen of the Borough of Darwen

Alderman Timothy Lightbown
Conferred 3rd December, 1906

Dr. Andrew Carnegie
Conferred 3rd February, 1908

Alderman John Tomlinson
Conferred 2nd June, 1919

Alderman Alexander Thomas Eccles
Conferred 5th August, 1920

Alderman James Cocker
Conferred 5th August, 1920

Alderman Alexander Carus
Conferred 5th August, 1920

Alderman Thomas Walker Ainsworth Forrest, M.B.E.
Conferred 6th October, 1930

Alderman Thomas Edward Holgate
Conferred 4th June, 1936

Alderman Walter Worth
Conferred 4th April, 1938

Alderman Roger Marsden
Conferred 30th April, 1947

Alderman Walter Knowles
Conferred 4th May, 1950

Alderman Lady Hindle
Conferred 6th March, 1958

Alderman James Braithwaite
Conferred 26th February, 1962

Alderman Edwin Yates
Conferred 8th October, 1970

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