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Concessionary travel for disabled and over 60s bus users is provided by the The NOW card scheme.

This has been set up jointly by Cumbria and Lancashire County Councils, Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool Borough Councils in conjunction with the District Councils of Lancashire and Cumbria and bus operators across both counties.

Eligibility for Disabled Now Card

Before you complete the application form, please find out if you are eligible for a Disabled NOW Card on the NOW card website.

Eligibility for over 60s Now Card

Before you complete the application form, please find out if you are eligible for an Over 60s NOW Cardon the NOW card website.

Please note: The age at which you become eligible for a English National Concession bus pass has changed. From 6th April 2010, the age of eligibility for concessionary travel for women will be pension age and for men it will be the pensionable age of a woman born on the same day.

The state pension age for women is rising by five years over a period of ten years. The age of eligibility will rise incrementally, that is, in stages, between 2010 and 2020. The earliest age for men and women to get bus passes will therefore rise gradually, from 60 on 5 April 2010 to 65 on 5 April 2020.The Government decided that this would be the fairest method, rather than introduce a one-off rise which would leave those currently close to retirement age facing a full five-year delay.

Please visit the NOW card website to find out the date on which you become eligible for a bus pass and the earliest date on which you can apply for your NoWcard, based on your date of birth.

Apply for a NowCard​

Ticket machine upgrades - March 2016

From 1st March 2016 all ticket machines on local bus services will indicate if a Blackburn with Darwen concessionary travel pass is not valid for travel. This means that from 1st March, your pass may be flagged up if it has been lost, stolen. cancelled or expired. Then from the 1st April, cards may not work on any bus and you will have to pay a fare until you update your pass.

If a pass is not valid, it may have been cancelled by the local authority.

Why would a pass be cancelled?

  • If you have informed your local authority that the pass has been lost or stolen.
  • If it has previously been used fraudulently.
  • If you are no longer entitled to concessionary travel.
  • If it has been replaced by a more recent pass.

Do I have time to check my pass?

Up to and including 31st March 2016 you will be allowed to travel by bus for free even if your pass has been cancelled. This will give you the chance to check your pass and obtain a replacement if you need to.

What happens from 1st April 2016 if the ticket machine indicates that my pass has been cancelled?

  • The driver will inform you that your pass is not valid and you may be asked to pay the normal adult fare if you intend to travel. If you do not wish to pay your fare you may be refused travel.
  • Contact Blackburn with Darwen Council on 01254 588190 as soon as you are able to arrange for a new pass to be issued.

I have 2 (or more) passes. How can I tell which one is valid?

If you have more than one pass, use the pass with the latest expiry date - see below.


Other passes with an older expiry date will have been cancelled and will not be valid for travel.

If your pass is not valid you may have to pay your fare

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