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Naming ceremonies are an opportunity for you to celebrate the birth of a child, or to welcome adopted and stepchildren into the family.

The child or children can be any age. A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for your child's future development.

Each ceremony is unique to you and your family. You will have the opportunity to work with one of our celebrants who will help you select and decide on a ceremony that is special for you and your family.

Naming ceremonies:

  • celebrate the naming of the child / children;
  • enable the parent or parents to pledge their care and love to their child in front of family and friends;
  • give grandparents the opportunity to make promises to support the parent / parents in the raising of their grandchild;
  • give family and friends the opportunity to promise their help and support to the child as they grow and develop in their community.

Please note:

  • Naming ceremonies have no legal status they are purely ceremonial. If you wish to have a christening or other religious ceremony you should contact your local church;
  • The commemorative certificate is presented as a memento of the occasion. They have no legal standing;
  • You can not have any religious content in your naming ceremony;
  • The Registration Officers will be acting as celebrants and not in their official capacity as registration officers;
  • The ceremony can not be used to change your child's name. You will be required to produce the child's birth certificate to the Registration Officer at the time of booking your ceremony.

Arranging a civil naming ceremony

Any parent, legal guardian or person who has parental responsibility of the child / children can arrange a naming ceremony.

Parents do not have to be married to arrange a naming ceremony.

You should first contact us to discuss and arrange your requirements.

Ceremony contents

The ceremony can contain:

  • Introduction and welcome;
  • Naming of the child / children;
  • Parents' promises for the raising of their child;
  • Chosen family or friends promises;
  • Readings and music;
  • Signing of the record of the ceremony;
  • Presentation of gifts;
  • Presentation of the certificate;
  • Closing words.

You do not need to include every section in your ceremony. Each section can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Normally we allow around 30 minutes for the ceremony

Ceremony venues

We currently offer ceremonies in the Blakewater Suite, Northgate, Blackburn and any approved premise in the borough. Ceremonies take place Monday - Sunday including bank holidays.


Please see the list of registrars' fees

The fees include a commemorative certificate as a record of the ceremony

There is a non- refundable fee of £50 when a ceremony is booked.

Note: all fees include an initial meeting at the Register office with your celebrant to discuss your individual requirements and design your ceremony.

Contact details

Mail The Register Office, Town Hall, Blackburn. BB1 7DY
Phone Number(s) 01254 588660
Fax Number(s) 01254 588661
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