Pavement obstructions

It is an offence to place goods or signs which cause obstruction or include commercial advertising, within the Highway.

The maximum fine is £1000.

Restrictions are necessary because:

  • For the safety and convenience of all pedestrians, especially those who are blind, elderly or disabled and those with prams, wheelchairs etc.
  • To ensure clear visibility which is vital at road junctions and crossing places.
  • To ensure that a drivers attention is not distracted and to avoid a confusing proliferation of signs.
  • To keep the public highways clear of unattractive clutter, free from damage and available for essential maintenance operations.
  • The highway includes the roads, pavements, verges, trees and street furniture.

If you are responsible for placing an offending object in the highway please remove it.

If you fail to do so:

  • The council may remove it at your expense.
  • You may have to pay for any damages that arise.
  • You could face prosecution and a fine.
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