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Residents are being offered the chance to speak about issues that matter to them at regular meetings "on their doorstep".

A series of ward solution meetings have been set up across the borough.

The meetings give residents the chance to flag up issues in an open forum to see what the community, the Council and its partners can do together to solve them.

The meetings will be chaired by ward councillors, who will be supported by neighbourhood Council officers.

Councillor Yusuf Jan-Virmani, the Council's Executive Member for Neighbourhood and Customer Services, said: "This Council believes that many of the solutions to the problem facing neighbourhoods can be solved by the community with help and support from the Council and its partners.

"We cannot solve every problem on its own. Everyone has a responsibility to make the community better. It needs residents, councillors, council officers, other public sector officials to think about them and come up with solutions.

"The meetings are not just places to raise a list of complaints against the Council, although, of course we will always take any concerns seriously. It's more about seeing the best way issues can be resolved and who is best placed to solve them."

The ward solutions meetings are part of a new community engagement model launched by the Council. Engagement means including residents in the Council's work and decision making process. The model shows how residents can influence decisions made at the very top.

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West Blackburn
Please call 01254 581175 or 266370

​East Blackburn
Please call 01254 507730 or  506910

Darwen and rural
Please call 01254 222154

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