Your community your call

Keeping the borough clean and tidy is the responsibility of everyone. Every penny the Council spends cleaning up the mess of others is money that could be spent elsewhere.

We would urge everyone to do their bit and take pride in their neighbourhood. Think twice about throwing rubbish on the floor and don't let your pets foul the pavements.

But you can also get involved even further.

Ward-solution-meetings have been set up across the borough to give residents the chance to flag up issues and see what the community, the Council and its partners can do together to solve them.

Case studies

On these pages you will see residents who wanted to help keep their areas tidied by going out, sometimes in awful weather, and doing things like litter picking and gardening.

These residents are really fighting for their borough. You can too.

We have provided tools, equipment and training for community clean ups. A number have already been held and there are further events planned.

If you would like to know more about the free equipment loan and to organise a clean-up, contact:

It's your community, your call.

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