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How to dispose of old furniture and other large items.

You can arrange for us to remove old furniture and other large or cumbersome items from your premises. The minimum charge for this service is £10.

Request a bulky collection and we will schedule your collection between 0730 and 1530 Monday to Friday.

Charges per collection

  • Up to a total of 70 unit points (1-5 items on average) £10
  • £20 for 71-100 unit points
  • £50 for 101-150 unit points
  • £75 for 151-200 unit points

Any collection request which would cost above 200 unit points (£75) will be quoted for separately.

Donate to local charities

Items that are still in good condition can also be donated to local charities. Examples are:

Paying for the bulky item collection

Payment must be made before we come out to collect your bulky item. Payments can be made online or over the telephone. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

Unfortunately, there are no exemptions to this payment. However, there are several alternatives to using the paid service:

  • You can use any of our household waste recycling centres in Blackburn or Darwen free of charge. They are open 7 days a week and if you are taking items in a van, we can issue you with a permit that will allow you access to the site.
  • You may want to contact your local charity shops if the items are in good condition, they may pick the items up for you free of charge, local charities collect good quality household items, bric a brac, clothes etc.: Churches Action 01254 680317 and East Lancashire Hospice 01254 680520 (They want different things so give them a call to find out).
  • Donate to friends of family, or sell on a car boot. Give away on free cycle or similar websites.

Please do not consider dumping the items elsewhere

If you do decide to fly tip any items, you may be prosecuted under Section 33 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990)

Residents or businesses found guilty of fly tipping can face fines of up to £50,000 and / or a 5 year prison sentence for each item of waste which is dumped.

For more information: Litter and fly tipping

Adding extra items to an arranged collection

If you add extra items to my collection you will not have to make another payment if you have not reached your 70 unit limit. We will amend the scheduled collection for you but this may change the scheduled collection date.

You must contact us to arrange this.

If you have exceeded the 70 unit limit, we are unable to add items on this collection for you but can re-book these at a later date.

Cancelling a collection

You can cancel or delay a collection as long as you contact us before 1200 (midday) the first working day before your collection.

Collection times and access

Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific collection time or knock on your door but we are able to give you a specific date of collection and require the items to be left in an accessible place on that date. The accessible place must allow direct access to where the collection vehicle will be able to park. Collections are made between 0700 and 1600.

The collection crew may enter your garden, as long as it is easily accessible and safe to do so. If you do not make access available, e.g. a gate is locked, you will need to contact us to rearrange a collection for no extra charge. No more than one re-arranged collection will be made per bulky item order. If, after the second time of visiting, you do not resolve the problem or fail to allow access, no refund or collection will be made.

Collections will only be made if items are booked, accessible, clean and safe to move without having to carry heavy items up or down steps or lift the items over obstructions such as walls or hedges. If they do not match this criteria, they will not be collected. If the customer cannot / will not resolve the problem, a full refund will be issued. This includes issues where dogs are left in the garden/yard. No collections will be made where there is dog faeces, or similar, obstructing or around the items.

If your items have not been collected due to roadworks/bad weather/inaccessible due to to a third party we will attempt to collect your items on two separate occasions in these exceptional circumstances. If we are still not able to collect your items, we will issue a full refund and ask you to re-book with us when the issue has been resolved.


Landlords can have a bulky item collection for £10 for up to 70 units. This charge will increase if you need to exceed the unit limit.​​

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