Adults and Health Service Plan: 2022 to 2023

The priorities we have to help people to be independent and in control of their life

Strategic priorities

Keep the borough safe and protect the most vulnerable

  • Ensuring the BwD safeguarding boards are effective and accountable as part of a multi-agency approach
  • To ensure multi agency procedures are implemented and adhered to with the person at the centre of decision making
  • To work with partners to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Reduce homelessness and rough sleeping

To support people to stay healthy and independent at home for as long as possible

  • Strength based and asset based conversation at the core
  • Multi agency support planning
  • A strong rehabilitation offer that is accessible and central to recovery
  • Personalised and responsive within a positive risk culture
  • An emphasis on preventing ill health and crisis by supporting to stay well

Transformation and legislative reform

  • Implement response to homelessness legislation
  • ASC redesign to respond to the requirements of the Health and Care Act 2022 and other legislation
  • CQC assurance
  • A vibrant ASC workforce
  • A revised financial model for charging and payments
  • A charted offer and solutions

To ensure the services we provide and commission are of a good quality, responsive to individual needs, good value for money and reflect identified needs

  • A clear commission strategy
  • Development of a strong Quality Assurance Framework
  • Effective and communicative case approach with our providers
  • Ensure residents co-produce service design and feedback mechanisms are in place
  • Appropriate services available to respond and assess need
  • A vibrant social care market with good qualities at the head

To support citizens to be part of, and connected to, our communities through work, education, leisure and housing models that are fit for purpose

  • Easily accessible information and advice
  • Adult learning offer to enable opportunity, such as the multiply offers
  • Social prescribing control
  • Preventative health checks
  • Housing with care models that meet the needs of our local communities

Tackling inequality, oppression and enabling people to maximise their potential

  • To support vulnerable communities to integrate and maximise their potential
  • Support community cohesion
  • To be person centred
  • Dementia friendly
  • Development and implementing of strategies for people with a learning disability or autism