Shared lives scheme

A Shared Lives scheme placement offers vulnerable adults the chance to receive the care and support they need in a different setting to the family home, or the supported accommodation, in which they usually live.

Many vulnerable adults, over the age of 18 years, are unable to live on their own without help and support from others, due to a physical or learning disability, mental health needs or because they are older and have become frail.


Placements are arranged in the homes of carers who have been recruited, trained and approved for this purpose. Placements can be short term, lasting anything from one night to several weeks, enabling both the person needing support and their carers to have a break. Or they can be more long term, providing the opportunity for the person receiving support to live as part of the family. Emergency placements may also be considered if suitable carers are available.

Day support

Day support can also be arranged if this would meet your support needs. This can be for as little as 1 hour per week and may be provided at differing times of the day, evening and/or weekends depending on the availability of approved carers.

Referrals and general enquiries

The Adult Social Care Team are the first point of contact for all referrals and general enquiries. You can contact them from 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 01254 587 547.

When you contact us, we will discuss your situation over the phone to talk about your needs and discuss what services are available to help you. To be able to work out what your needs are and whether a Shared Lives placement is the best way to meet them, we will need to carry out an assessment. After the assessment, your social worker will identify and agree your needs with you and discuss the help and support available to meet them according to the seriousness of your situation.

CQC inspection report

To view the latest CQC inspection information for the Shared Lives scheme, please visit the Care Quality Commission website

Becoming a Shared Lives carer

If you are interested in becoming a paid Shared Lives carer please contact us on 01254 585 899 or email

You can be approved to offer a long term placement which involves supporting someone on a full time basis, on a short term basis, or for respite or day support.