Contaminated bin

Guidance on what to do if you have a contaminated grey, blue or brown bin.

A contaminated bin is a grey, blue or brown bin which contains either the wrong recyclables, or mixed rubbish. Recycling crews cannot empty a contaminated bin. If this goes into the recycling wagon then the entire wagon-load becomes contaminated and it may have to be diverted to landfill rather than its proper recycling channels.

If one of your recycling bins (grey, blue or brown) is found to contain the wrong waste, the crews will leave a hanger/sticker on your bin and leave you with some recycling sacks to tide you over until your next collection day.

You can either remove the contaminated waste yourself and it will be collected as normal on your next collection day or you can request a fresh start, where a refuse vehicle will empty your bin.

The cost of this service is £7.50 per bin.