Van, pickup and trailer permits

Anyone arriving at either the Blackburn or Darwen household waste recycling centre will be required to produce a permit to be allowed to enter in a van, pickup or trailer.

Measures to prevent commercial waste from illegally entering household waste recycle centres, are now common across the UK. Permits are widely used to allow genuine household waste into the sites from commercial type vehicles, for example vans.

If you use a van, pickup or trailer you must get a permit beforehand otherwise you will be refused to enter the site. There is no charge for a permit.

Vehicles that need permits

You are required to obtain a permit if you want to use the centres with one of the following vehicles:

  • vans
  • pickups
  • trailers
  • mini buses
  • hire van - single visit permits are available at each site
  • vehicles with the rear seats removed

Vehicles must have tax, MOT (where applicable) and insurance. Those that do not, will be denied a permit and reported to the DVLA and/or police

Vehicles not allowed to use the sites

  • tippers
  • any vehicle with trade waste
  • agricultural type vehicles
  • motorhomes
  • vehicles over 3 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW)

Apply for a permit

Apply for a van, pickup or trailer permit

Hire vehicles

You can use the HWRCs with a hired vehicle, in these circumstances:

  • the hire period is for no more than 2 days
  • the vehicle is one which we allow on site
  • the waste you wish to dispose of is household waste only from Blackburn with Darwen residences


Take these documents to the site:

  • vehicle hire documents
  • Council Tax or utility bill with the address of the property from which the waste has come from

Present these documents to the staff on site who will record your details and issue you with a permit. The permit will allow you to 'tip' once at the centre, either then or later (depending upon if you have loaded your vehicle).