Waste you can take to the HWRC

There are lots of things that are thrown in the bin that can actually be recycled, such as batteries, clothes and electrical items.

The HWRC (tip) sites accept the following waste:

  • asbestos (Blackburn site only)
  • batteries (domestic and automotive)
  • bric-a-brac
  • cans
  • cardboard
  • carpets
  • chemicals (small hazard container)
  • construction or DIY waste
  • flat glass (windows etc)
  • fluorescent tubes / bulbs
  • fridges / freezers
  • gas bottles
  • general waste
  • glass bottles
  • greenwaste (garden waste such as leaves, branches, grass etc)
  • hardcore (such as soil, rubble, tiles, bricks, plaster / plasterboard etc)
  • mattresses
  • mineral and motor oil
  • paper
  • plastic bottles
  • scrap metal
  • small electricals (microwaves, radios, lamps etc)
  • textiles
  • tv / monitors
  • tyres
  • wood

You are required to produce a permit if you wish to dispose of construction / DIY waste, and a permit if you are using a van, pickup or trailer