Registering a death

Medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD)

The MCCD is electronically sent to the registrar by the doctor/hospital/hospice, along with the name and contact details of the person registering the death.

We will contact that person by phone to make an appointment to register the death at one of our offices. Unless the death has been referred to the coroner, it is a legal requirement to register the death within 5 days.

All registrations are by appointment only.

If it is more than 4 days since the death happened and you are concerned that you have not yet had a call to make an appointment, we recommend you speak with your Funeral Director or you can contact us.

If the death is referred to the coroner by the hospital or doctor, the coroner's officer will advise you what to do. You may have to wait before being able to register the death.

Where to register the death

If someone has died in Blackburn with Darwen the death is registered at the Blackburn with Darwen Register Office. If you are unable to attend that office, you can declare the death at any other office in England and Wales. Visit the GOV.UK website to find the relevant register office.

You will not be given any documents, however as the death will only be registered by us once we receive the paperwork. Please note, this can slow down the process as documentation can only be issued by the registrar once the death has been registered.

If someone has died outside Blackburn with Darwen, but within England and Wales the death should be registered at the local register office.

After the registration is complete

Once the registration is complete, we will issue the following documents:

  • a green form for burial or cremation - unless the coroner has already issued a form
  • certificate of registration of death (a BD8 form) for social security purposes - both of these forms are issued free of charge
  • death certificate(s) - these may be bought at the time of registration or at any time afterwards.

Tell us once

Tell Us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations and some local authority organisations, in one go.

After the death has been registered the registrar will issue you with a unique reference number to access the service.

Death certificates

You can order certificates at the end of the registration appointment and confirm how many certificates you need. Death certificates cost £11 each. Please pay for them using a bank or credit card.

To buy a death certificate after the time of registration, please order a certificate online.

For certificates of deaths that were registered outside Blackburn with Darwen, please contact the General Register Office.

All certificates purchased are Crown Copyright and may not be photocopied.