We have held birth, death and marriage records for the borough of Blackburn with Darwen since July 1837 to date, and civil partnership records from December 2006. For events registered elsewhere, contact the register office in that district to obtain a copy certificate.

Apply online for a copy certificate

Birth certificates Marriage certificates

Death certificates Civil Partnership certificates

Information you'll need to supply

All applicants are asked to give:

  • their name and address
  • their reasons for wanting the certificate
  • sufficient information to identify the entry.

We keep the records of applications for 2 years. This helps to monitor the fraudulent use of copy certificates.

What you need to apply

If you can give us enough information to identify the record in our indexes, you can buy a copy of the certificate even if it not your own or a family members.

For certificates of:

  • birth: name on the certificate, date of birth, place of birth (address or hospital name) and one or both parents names
  • death: The deceased's name, date of death and place of death
  • marriage: Name of both parties, date of marriage and specific place of marriage (i.e. venue, church name etc.)
  • civil partnership: Name of both parties, date of civil partnership and place of civil partnership. If you want the standard certificate (not just the extract) you must also provide the partner's full addresses at the time of the formation.