Citizenship ceremony proceedings

When you arrive at the Town Hall our citizenship ceremony staff will be available to welcome you and make sure you understand what is going to happen.

After you have signed in and your documents have been checked, you and your guests will be seated with the other new citizens attending the ceremony.

The ceremony is conducted by the Superintendent Registrar.

The Mayor of Bllackburn with Darwen will formally welcome the new citizens on behalf of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.

The applicants will then swear or affirm allegiance to the Queen and make a pledge of loyalty. Both swearing and affirming allegiance to the Queen has the same meaning - the difference between the two is a matter of religious belief or practice. Swearing the oath is calling on God as witness; whereas affirming the oath is confirming a promise without reference to God. Anyone wishing to swear the oath whilst holding a holy book is welcome to do so and is asked to bring their own holy book to the ceremony. Both the Oath and the Pledge will be repeated as a group after the Superintendent Registrar conducting the ceremony.

You will then be presented with the nationality certificate along with the information pack. The nationality certificate can subsequently be used to support passport applications and to prove an individual is a British citizen.

The ceremony will end with the national anthem after which citizens have the opportunity to take photographs with their guests.

At Blackburn with Darwen Register Office we do our best to ensure that the ceremonies are pleasant and meaningful, creating a friendly environment for new citizens. We hope that the ceremonies will encourage all new citizens to play an active part in the Blackburn with Darwen community.