Building control applications


Most building work needs building regulation approval. This includes things like:

  • alterations to your property (domestic, commercial and industrial use)
  • change of use
  • extensions
  • new builds

Before you start to construct or make certain changes to your buildings, you must check if you need approval.

What are building regulations for?

Building regulations are there to make sure that construction work is:

  • structurally sound
  • safe
  • energy efficient

They are different from planning permission. You may need both for your project.

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) website has guidance that will help you

Building regulation certificate

Once all your work is complete, you need a building regulation certificate. We will only give you one once the regulations are met.

You will need the certificate if you want to sell your property.

Our building control service

We have our own expert building control team who can help you. Our qualified surveyors will work hard to make sure your project is approved with minimum disruption. 

They offer a first-class, independent service, including: 

•    unrivalled local knowledge, including local ground conditions 
•    extensive experience in residential, commercial and historic buildings  
•    a responsive and guaranteed site inspection service  
•    fast access to other organisations, including the Fire Service and Water Authority  
•    a complete end-to-end service, from start to finish

They work on a not-for-profit basis, so their prices are competitive.

Contact them now to find out more:

Telephone: 01254 778901

When building regulation approval is not needed

There are some exemptions where approval is not needed. Find out more about exemptions from building regulations on the GOV.UK website

If you are a member of a competent person scheme you may also be exempt.