Business rates direct debit

Payments are made direct from your bank to the Council's bank each month.

Direct debit is the easiest, most convenient way of paying your business rates and it provides you with total control.

Please complete the online form paying by direct debit to arrange direct debit payments.

We are able to offer a choice of payment dates and plans:

  • 10 instalments (April to January) due on the 1st of the month
  • 12 instalments (April to March) due on the 1st of the month
  • 12 instalments (April to March) due on the 15th of the month

Then each month on the due dates, we will ask your bank for payment direct from your bank account.

If the date of the instalment is a weekend or a bank holiday then the payment will be deducted on the first available following day.

The advantages of paying by direct debit are:-

  • The Council and your bank or building society does all the work.
  • You are always told in advance of the dates and amounts to be collected giving you total control with time to query.
  • You have no cheques to write, letters to post or need to queue.
  • You can cancel the arrangement at any time - there's even a money back guarantee from your Bank or Building Society in the unlikely event of Direct Debits being presented in error.

Set up a direct debit