Food complaint investigations

We may be able to help where you have a complaint about food that you have bought. Where there could be a serious risk to health, the Council can investigate the complaint on your behalf. This could possibly lead to a prosecution of the offender if enough evidence exists to establish that an offence has been committed.

Complaints we can deal with

  • food that has been sold to you that is either decomposing or mouldy
  • food that contains a material that should not be there (otherwise known as foreign material or body) i.e. insects, glass etc.
  • food that is thought to have caused vomiting or diarrhoea

Complaints we can't deal with

  • if you are seeking compensation or refund, then the Council will not investigate the complaint. The complainant in this case will be advised to instruct solicitors to act on behalf of them, or directly contact the vendor or manufacturer.
  • if you feel that your food has been adulterated in any way or there is an issue of quality with the food, then please contact our trading standards team.