Register a complaint

Please contact us to register a complaint by emailing

Other useful contact details include;

  • Consumer advice 0345 040506
  • Consumer protection 01254 267677
  • Business compliance for food hygiene & health and safety at work 01254 267688
  • Environmental protection 01254 267699

Please note:

  • if the complaint is found over the weekend it is important you handle the food as little as possible, keep the packaging and receipt if possible and notify the appropriate environmental health service as soon as possible on a working day
  • if the food is highly perishable then this should either be refrigerated or frozen. It is very important to try and prevent, for example, any further mould growth or decomposing of food
  • if there is a foreign body in the food i.e. glass/metal again it is important that the foreign matter is not removed from the food and is handled as little as possible