CAF young people's guide

CAF and how it works

  • CAF is a process we use to make sure people in your life work together to support you including your family, teachers, youth worker, family support worker.
  • CAF involves listening to you, your family, carers and the people who know you, to find out what is working well in your life and where you and your family may need help. This is called an ‘assessment’ and is undertaken with your parents or carers consent.
  • A named person, known as a lead professional, takes the responsibility for making sure everyone works together and that you and your family get the right help at the right time. You can help to decide who this person should be.
  • Your wishes and feeling are an important part of this work and someone will talk to you about these.
  • The lead professional and the other people involved in your CAF will make a plan that will tell you how they are going to help you and your family.
  • This plan will be reviewed every six to eight weeks at a meeting called a Team Around the Family meeting or TAF for short. You will be able to attend this meeting. If you don’t want to attend you can write or record something for someone you chose to share at the meeting.
  • The outcome of the meeting and any changes to the plan will be shared with you.

Download a printable PDF of this information below.