Corporate parenting

Looking after and protecting children and young people is one of the most important jobs that we do as a council. When children and young people cannot safely stay at home, it is up to us provide them with the same level of care, support and stability that we would want for our own children. As corporate parents, we must ensure that each child in our care is getting what they need so they can experience success, overcome challenges and have a happy, healthy life.

Your responsibilities as a corporate parent

As corporate parents, you can shape the lives of care experienced and looked after children and young people by listening to what they want and need, and taking the right decisions to make sure that they are getting what they need to do their best. Corporate parents should:

  • act in the best interests of our care experienced and looked after children and young people, and promote their physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • help them to access and make the best use of the services that you provide
  • promote high aspirations and seek to ensure the best outcomes for them
  • make sure that they are safe, with stable home lives, relationships and education or work
  • prepare them for adulthood and independent living

You can find out more about your responsibilities, including ideas on how you can help to support children in our care/care leavers, in the Local Government Association’s Corporate Parenting Resource Pack.