Corporate parenting pledges

In July 2019, the Children’s Services & Education department hosted an Extended Leadership Event in which representatives from across the Council explored their responsibilities towards our care-experienced children and young people. At this event, senior leaders made a series of pledges which are now being used by the Corporate Parenting Executive Board to monitor how well we are meeting the needs of children and young people in Blackburn with Darwen.

Our current pledges

  • I promise to listen to what our children want and to meet with those that want to meet me - Denise Park, Chief Executive
  • I’ll support our children to grow to have a happy, healthy life and experience success and overcome challenges - Jayne Ivory, Director of Children’s Services & Education
  • Help to lift aspirations by linking young people to new employment/business growth opportunities - Martin Kelly, Director of Growth and Development
  • Provide opportunities for apprenticeships to gain skills and qualifications - Dwayne Lowe, Head of Highways & Network Operations
  • To ensure support is given when interested in employment with the Council - Corinne McMillan, Head of HR Services
  • Ensure our Virtual School provides the best education - Jo Siddle, Head of Education
  • I will be a champion for the health and wellbeing of children in our care and sit on the Partnership Board - Shirley Goodhew, Acting Consultant in Public Health
  • Help improve how the Council communicates opportunities - Andrea Sturgess, Head of Communications and Engagement
  • I promise to raise awareness of CP responsibilities to my teams and develop a targeted offer around 19+ learning and careers support - Heather Taylor, Head of Service - Prevention, Adult Learning & Neighbourhoods
  • Pledge to make specific reference to Looked After Children and supporting their access to services in our developing contracts - Claire Ramwell, Head of Service - Leisure, Health & Wellbeing

Although the employees mentioned above have made specific pledges, all of our Councillors, staff members and partners have a duty of care towards our care experienced young people and to our care leavers.