Personal budgets and direct payments

Following an assessment of need from Children’s Social Care, where the child or young person is assessed as requiring short breaks provision, parents can also choose to receive Direct Payments. Short breaks provision can be funded using a Direct Payment to allow flexibility and choice with services rather than the Local Authority commissioning this.

Direct Payments is one of the ways we are personalising service delivery to meet the individual needs of children, young people and families. For example, a family may wish to select their own private or voluntary sector provider or a Personal Assistant to provide short breaks provision.

A Direct Payment is a budget, paid to children, young people and their families, based on their assessed needs. This enables families to arrange and co-ordinate their own care.

A Personal Budget is the allocation of funding for support following an Assessment of Need, it can be awarded in terms of care commissioned either directly to the care provider, Agency, or via a Direct Payment which allows you control over coordinating your own care.