Children's disabled facilities grants

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If you have a child with a disability, and you need to make changes to your home, you can apply for a grant from us to help you.

This might be for things like:

  • widening doors
  • installing ramps
  • improving access to rooms and facilities, by installing a stairlift for example
  • providing essential facilities, such as replacing a bath with a level access shower

The grant is for any adaptations that cost over £1,000.

The grant is not means tested.

The maximum amount of grant you can get is £30,000.

We might not give you a grant if you start work on your property before we approve your application. 


A child living in your property must have a disability. This means a physical or mental impairment that has a substantial and long-term negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities.

Either you or the person you’re applying for must:

  • own the property or be a tenant and have the landlord’s consent to do the work
  • intend to live in the property during the grant period (five years) 

You can also apply for a grant if you’re a landlord and have a tenant with a disability.

Before we approve a grant, we must be satisfied that the work is:

  • necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the child with the disability
  • reasonable and can be done - depending on the age and condition of the property

Who does the work?

You can use your own contractors to carry out the work, or you can ask us to arrange the work for you.

If you choose your own contractor, you are liable for any additional costs that there may be.

Planning and building regulations approval

Some adaptations may need planning permission or building regulations approval.

If you have opted for us to arrange the work, we can help you to apply for any permissions or approvals that you need.  

Getting paid

We will pay the contractor directly for the agreed costs of the work. Any work done above and beyond the agreed amount may not be covered by the grant.

Apply for a disabled facilities grant 

The first step in applying for a disabled facilities grant, is to get an Occupational Therapy assessment of your home.

Request an Occupational Therapy assessment