Consultation for the renewal of the Blackburn Town Centre Public Space Protection Order

In 2020, we used our powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to introduce a Public Space Protection Order relating to Anti-Social Behaviour in a public area. The PSPO expires in December 2023, and we are considering renewing it in the same terms.

Specifically, the PSPO prohibitions are as follows:

  • No one will drink alcohol or have an open alcohol container within the Prohibition Area after having been requested by an Authorised Officer to stop drinking the alcohol or to hand over the container (unless in an otherwise lawful premises) 
  • No one will ingest, inject, smoke or otherwise use intoxicating substances within the Prohibition Area
  • No one will urinate or defecate in any public place (other than a public toilet) within the Prohibition Area 
  • No one will put themselves in a position that implies they are begging for money or attempting to solicit, whilst in a Prohibition Area
  • No one will act or incite others to act in an anti-social manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person within a public space within the Prohibition Area

Breaching the PSPO is punishable by a maximum penalty of a level 3 fine or to a Fixed Penalty Notice up to £100.

This is a map of the area to which the PSPO conditions apply.

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How to comment

We want your comments on the proposal to renew the PSPO. 

You can email your comments to or write to The Service Lead, Community Safety Team, Town Hall, Floor 3, King William Street, Blackburn, BB1 7DY.

This consultation closes on 16 November 2023.