Coronavirus mythbusting

It is important to have the correct facts, so we’ve pulled together some of the commons myths that are around about coronavirus.

Myth - With a face covering you don’t need to social distance.

Reality - Face coverings help to reduce the spread, but still leave space between you and other people.

Myth - I’m young. Only older people are affected by Covid-19, so I’m okay.

Reality - It affects all communities and ages. Follow the guidelines to keep family and friends safe.

Myth - Isn’t Covid-19 just a cold?

Reality - Covid-19 is more than just a cold and can severely impact your health.

Myth - I haven’t got symptoms, I haven’t got Covid-19.

Reality - You can test positive for Covid-19 even without symptoms.

Myth - Social distancing isn’t needed if you are outside.

Reality - You still need to distance from people if you are outdoors. It’s lower risk, but still there.

Myth - It’s not in my area, so we don’t need to do anything.

Reality - Covid-19 can affect any community. If it’s not where you live, still follow the guidelines.

Myth - If people test positive, they bring in more restrictions. So don’t get tested.

Reality - Tests identify the spread of Covid-19. If numbers rise, local measures help to protect you.

Myth - These measures are just designed to keep my area under control.

Reality - Measures are only put in to stop the spread, and apply to all communities.

Myth - It’s bad to get tested, as people will know you are infected.

Reality - Testing protects your friends, family and co-workers, and stops further spread.

Myth - I don’t know anyone who has Covid-19. It’s really low risk.

Reality - Covid-19 is still here. By reducing the spread, we can have more normal lives.