Household Support Fund

Practical help and advice to support you with the rising costs of food, energy and other household bills

Funded by UK Government

The Government’s Department for Work and Pensions is funding the Household Support scheme for another 6 months, to help with the rising cost of living. The next round launches in May 2024. 

The scheme can help you if you are struggling to make ends meet. You can get support with things like the cost of gas and electric, household appliances, and energy efficiency improvements. You might still qualify for support even if you are in work. 


Household income

We can consider you for the Household Support Scheme if:

  • your household income is below £26,057 gross pay (before tax and National Insurance) for one adult in work, or
  • your household income is below £38,870 (before tax and National Insurance) for families with 2 or more adults in work

Before completing your application, it is important to remember that:

  • you are not eligible for further energy costs if your household has received energy support within the last 6 months
  • you are not eligible for support with essential white goods if your household has received a white goods item (including beds) within the last year

Income based benefits

We can also consider you for the Household Support Scheme if your household gets income based benefits and meets a minimum of 1 of these criteria:

  • a physical disability
  • a learning disability, or Autism
  • a long term health condition which is impacted by the cold
  • a reliance on electrical equipment to support independent living
  • vulnerable adults or children in the home, who are supported by mental health services
  • vulnerable families who are supported by a social worker, or family support
  • a vulnerable adult supported by a social worker or adult health and social care
  • children under 5
  • carers
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • have recently come off benefits and entered employment
  • have recently left employment and are waiting for benefits
  • your Universal Credit claim is nil because you are an intermittent worker, on a zero hour contract, part of the gig economy or on a variable income

You can make 1 application per household during any 6 month period, including previous schemes.

You must have less than £16,000 in savings.

Evidence you need to provide

You will need to provide evidence to support your claim. This evidence might be:

  • a letter from a GP
  • a hospital letter
  • the name of a support or social worker
  • a Universal Credit or benefits statement

You will also have to provide evidence of all your household income for us to consider your application. As part of your application, you must upload all family members wage slips.

You must take photographs of any evidence required, showing the name and address of the household member the evidence applies to, and upload it with your application.

What happens after I have applied?

Once you have submitted your application form, you will get a confirmation email. Please keep a record of the service ID number that you get in the e-mail.

You'll be contacted within 3 to 4 working days. 

If you are applying for help with gas and electric you will receive a call from one of our energy partners, who will ask about details of your energy provider and your account details. Please make sure you answer the call and have your details to hand in order for you to access support. 

Our partners

The scheme is being funded by the Department for Work and Pensions, and delivered by our third sector partner organisations.

Partners may contact you depending on the answers in your application. These partners may include: 

  • Age UK
  • BwD Carers
  • BwD Healthy Living
  • Care network
  • Jubilee Tower Credit Union
  • Shelter
  • Blackburn food bank
  • Rummage Rescuers
  • CB partners (SAMS)
  • CVS
  • Adult learning and National careers service
  • BwD Wellbeing service
  • Homestart

Apply for the Household Support Fund

Apply for the Household Support Fund

Watch a video showing you how to upload your evidence

The types of support you can get

The scheme can provide you with practical help and advice to support you with the rising costs of food, energy and other household bills.

You might be able to get help with:

  • Gas and electricity costs - the person who applies must be the person who pays the bill, or be named in the application and be contactable. You can only make 1 application per household for gas/electric in any 6 month period
  • Water costs - this is a one off support- if you have had it previously you will not be eligible
  • White goods and children’s beds - one per household in any 12 month period
  • Boiler inspections and energy efficiency if you are a homeowner
  • Affordable food options
  • Support to reduce your outgoings and manage debt
  • Support to increase your income
  • Support to stay healthy and well

You might be able to get help directly from Help for Households - Get government cost of living support.

We also have information on help with the rising cost of living.

We do not offer cash or shop vouchers.

Examples of households who have received support

“I'm struggling to keep up with the cost of living at the moment and wondered if we could get any help at all. I'm currently working 2 jobs, my husband works full time we earn below £38,870. I'm struggling to put food on the table for my 3 children. Any help or advice to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.”

“I have a child who is severely asthmatic and autistic, I am struggling due to being made redundant but not receiving any redundancy pay.”

“My husband has arthritis and diabetes and we are struggling keeping up with energy bills, I pay by direct debit monthly and my fridge isn’t working.”

“I am very concerned about the rise in the cost of living including gas, electric, water, petrol and food. I have two young children to clothe and feed and this is causing me to worry about the future. I am awaiting an appointment related to my mental health which is ongoing. Any assistance that I receive would be greatly appreciated.”

“I have a mobility scooter and a stair lift and want to stay independent but my electric bill has gone through the roof.”

Privacy Notice

Read the Household Support Fund privacy notice.