Deliver our Climate Emergency Action Plan

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humanity. It is a matter of grave concern that needs addressing urgently.

Blackburn with Darwen Council has declared a climate emergency and set a goal to be carbon neutral.

We’ll continue to work with residents and businesses to make sure, as a borough, we are doing all we can to tackle the issue together.

By following our Climate Emergency Action Plan, at the end of the four years of this Corporate Plan, we aim to have made significant progress towards delivering on our ambitions.

Key activity

  • Host a People’s Jury with 32 residents from across the borough coming together to discuss plans to help tackle the climate change crisis and develop recommendations which will help shape future actions.
  • Ensure climate change objectives are reflected in all council plans and strategies.
  • Introduce new guidance around accounting for carbon emissions in departmental decision making processes.
  • Work with procurement teams to co-ordinate environmental questions asked of suppliers during the tendering process.
  • Introduce energy efficiency measures throughout all council buildings and property.
  • Invest in further LED lighting for all remaining streets, and on main routes, around the borough.
  • Increase recycling rates from 30% to 65% by 2030.
  • Work with partners to identify opportunities for renewable energy generation.
  • Deliver our walking and cycling plan to help reduce emissions from transport and increasing active travel.
  • Reduce emissions from staff business travel and commuting.
  • Plan to move the Council’s vehicle fleet to clean fuel by 2030.
  • Work with local taxi drivers to cut emissions from 27 million miles driven in the borough each year.
  • Plant more trees and restore peatland.
  • Lobby Government to provide additional powers and resources needed to meet the 2030 target.