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Procedures for public questions

  1. A period of up to one hour is made available for questions or statements submitted by members of the public who either live or work within the geographical area covered by the Police and Crime Panel for Lancashire.
  2. Questions or Statements should be addressed to the Chair of the Police and Crime Panel (PCP).
  3. The PCP is a scrutiny body and exists to scrutinise the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and therefore questions or statements must relate to the role and function​​ of the PCP.
    The PCP has the following main responsibilities:
    • The ability to review the PCC's Police and Crime Plan and Annual Reports
    • Consider the PCC proposed appointment of a Chief Constable, with this panel having the power of veto over the appointment
    • Consider the proposed Council Tax precept to be set by the PCC with the panel having power of veto
    • Review certain senior appointments by the PCC
    • Scrutinize and support the activities of the PCC for Lancashire. The police force area includes the County Council, 12 District Councils and the two Unitary Councils (Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool)
    • To consider complaints against the PCC of a non criminal nature
  4. The deadline for submission of questions is 5 clear working days before the meeting in order that an appropriate answer to the question can be given. 
  5. A list of Speakers and Questions will be drawn up in order of receipt and copies of all questions and statements will be circulated to all panel members and will be made available to the public attending the meeting.
  6. If assistance is required in presenting the question (e.g. language interpreter) you will need to give at least a week's notice.
  7. Each member of the public called will have up to 5 minutes to speak. The question/statement must be exactly as previously submitted.
  8. Each member of the public asking a question must give his or her name.
  9. Each question shall be put and answered without discussion.
  10. Nobody may submit more than one question or make more than one statement at the same meeting, but a supplementary question may be asked for clarification. There should only be one speaker for each subject.
  11. If after the expiration of one hour questions remain unanswered, steps will be taken to forward a written response.
  12. If a member of the public is unable to attend the meeting to ask a question, a written response will be sent.
  13. Questions from Police employees on employment matters will not be permitted as there are other avenues to progress these matters.
  14. The Secretary may redirect a question or statement if:
    • He/she feels that insufficient detail has been provided to enable a proper response to be provided
    • It is not about a matter for which the PCP has a responsibility
    • It is defamatory, frivolous or offensive
    • It is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the PCP in the past six months; or
    • It requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information
  15. A record will be kept of each question and answer in a book open to public inspection. Rejected questions and statements will include reasons for rejection.

Submit a question

Email the Executive and Councillor Support Manager at democraticservices@blackburn.gov.uk 

Write to Executive Councillor Support Manager, Democratic Services, Town Hall, Blackburn, Lancs, BB1 7DY