Claim a Council Tax refund

Information on how to claim a Council Tax refund for yourself or claiming a refund on behalf of someone else.

You may be due a refund if you have overpaid your Council Tax and your account is in credit.

If you paid your Council Tax by Direct Debit, any credit due back to you should be automatically refunded to the bank payments were made from, so you do not need to claim a refund.

If you have paid by any other means, a credit notice will be issued to you by post or an e-bill notification email, to inform you of the amount due back to you. You can then complete the online form to claim a refund.

Refunds can only be paid directly into a bank account suitable for Direct Debits, and not into savings accounts.

Cheques will not be issued.

Claiming a refund on behalf of someone else

The bank details you supply must belong to the person responsible for the Council Tax at the address you are claiming a refund for.

If they do not have their own bank account or there is another reason why a refund cannot be issued directly to them, please ensure you provide a contact telephone number or email address as we may need further information before we are able to process the refund.

If the person responsible for the Council Tax has passed away, the executor, administrator of the estate or appointed solicitor can claim the refund on their behalf. We may require evidence of appointment of executorship, e.g. a copy of the will.

Account not in credit

If you have not received a notice to inform you of a credit on your account, there is likely no refund due at this time.

If you have a change in circumstances which would result in you being refunded an overpayment, e.g. you have changed address, you must first notify us of the change. Once your account has been updated, a credit notice will be issued if applicable and you can then claim a refund.