Council Tax bands and charges

Appealing against Council Tax bands or charges

We do not set your property's Council Tax band. Banding is set by the Valuation Office Agency.

If you don't agree with the banding  given to your property, you can submit an online appeal to the Valuation Office Agency.

The Valuation Office will usually only consider appeals against banding when

  • your property has been banded for the first time
  • you have purchased the property within the last six months.

If you cannot use the online service, you can call or email the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501 501 or 

If you are successful in your appeal, the Valuation Office Agency will tell us what the new band should be and from what date the new band applies. This usually takes 14 to 28 days.

If you choose to submit an appeal you must still continue to pay in line with your current Council Tax bill until we tell you otherwise.

Other Council Tax appeals

There is no right of appeal against the general levels of Council Tax set by the Council each year.

You can appeal to the Council against the following:

  • the local authority has made you liable for Council Tax but someone else should be liable
  • the award or refusal of a Council Tax discount, exemption or disabled relief
  • our decision, that your property is a chargeable dwelling for Council Tax purposes, is wrong
  • the works on a new or adapted property cannot be completed by the date shown on the completion notice we have served

Appeal process

There are two stages to an appeal.

Stage one

You must contact the Council first, fully explaining what decision you are appealing against and why.

You can do this by completing the Council Tax general enquiry form.

Please supply a daytime telephone number and email address as we may need to contact you for further information.

We have two months to decide on your appeal and to provide a response.

If we refuse your appeal (or we agree but you are still dissatisfied), or you do not receive an answer from us, you can move to stage two.

Stage two

You will be required to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal or by email to 

You must appeal within two months of receiving a decision from the Council Tax office, or four months if you have not received a reply.

For completion notices, you have four weeks from the issue of the notice.

You should give the Tribunal the same information you provided to the Council.