Council Tax bands and charges

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Valuations for new domestic properties

If you are moving into a newly-built /renovated property, it may not yet have been allocated a band by the Valuation Office. You can check this online by searching for your Council Tax band.

If it has not been banded, the Council will contact the Valuation Office and request a banding for your property - this can take up to three months but is usually much quicker.

If your property has not yet been banded, the Council will award a provisional valuation to enable you to start making payments towards your Council Tax bill if you wish to do so.

This provisional valuation should not be taken as any indication of the band which will be allocated by the Valuation Office .There is no legal obligation for you to pay a Council Tax bill which is based on a provisional valuation.

However, please be aware that if you do not start making payments towards your bill and there is a delay in your property being allocated a band you may find that your installments are higher than you would anticipate because of the limited number of installments available in the financial year.