Council Tax enforcement agents

We appoint enforcement agents to act on our behalf to collect Council Tax arrears from individuals and organisations whose records show that they owe Council Tax.

Enforcement agents act as the Council's agents and have the legal authority to approach you to collect arrears.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council use two enforcement agencies (Equita and Rossendales) to collect outstanding Council Tax.

Once an enforcement agents contacts you, the enforcement agent will charge an additional fee that you must pay.

Inability to pay

If you are unable to make full payment, you must contact the enforcement agency directly with your proposal for a payment arrangement. The letters the enforcement agent leaves will tell you exactly how to do this, and you can find out more information by visiting their web sites.

  • Equita
  • Rossendales

Once your account has been passed to an enforcement agent all payments and offers of payment should be directed to the enforcement agent, not the Council.

If you have concerns about paying your Council Tax or you have other debts and need some advice, you can contact any of the following:-

If you need to contact us regarding deductions from your wages or benefits, use our Council Tax general enquiry online form.