Report income and expenditure

Please use this form to make an offer of payment if you are in arrears with your Council Tax and have received a summons.

Do not use this form if you have had a letter or visit from an Enforcement Agent – instead you MUST contact the Agent directly - their contact number will be on the letter they have sent you.

Whilst your details are being considered, you must attempt to make payments towards your Council Tax – this will help to reduce the total amount that you owe and is one of the factors that we look at when considering a payment proposal. Please note that your proposal for payment must be reasonable in relation to the amount that you owe.

In order to complete this online form you will need your Council Tax account reference which can be found on the front of your bill or email notification of your bill.

Report income and expenditure

When competing the online form, you will need to continually save your progress as there is a 30 minute time limit. To get back into your saved forms, log into your customer portal account.