Empty property charges and advice

Information and guidance about discounts and charges for unoccupied properties.


From 1 April 2023, the amount of discount that can be awarded to properties when they first become empty and unfurnished, and properties which are undergoing or require major repairs, is changing to:

  • Empty and unfurnished properties – 100% discount for a maximum period of up to 30 days 
  • Undergoing or requiring major repairs – 25% discount for a maximum period of up to 12 months

The maximum period applies from when the property first becomes empty. For empty and unfurnished properties, if your property has already been empty for 30 days (or longer) as at the 31st March, the full council Tax will be payable from the 1st April.

We operate a proactive approach to make sure that empty homes do not remain empty unnecessarily and fall into misuse or dereliction.

To encourage owners of empty homes to bring their properties back into use, Councils have the powers to increase the empty homes premium thresholds and reduce or remove discounts for properties which are left empty.

We also give advice in relation to bringing empty properties back in to use.

Bought or sold and empty property