Community trigger

Victims of anti-social behaviour (ASB) will be able to use the community trigger to request a review of their case.

Agencies, including councils, police, local health teams and registered providers of social housing will have a duty to undertake a review of how they have dealt with a case when the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome and the case meets our locally defined threshold.

The community trigger can be used by any victim of anti-social behaviour or by any person acting on their behalf, for example a family member, friend, carer, councillor, MP or other professional person. This is intended to ensure that all victims are able to use the community trigger. However, the victim’s consent should be sought by the person using the community trigger on their behalf.

The community trigger should not be used to complain about a single organisation. If your complaint is about an individual organisation you are advised to follow their complaints procedure.

To meet the requirements of the community trigger threshold, one of the following criteria must be met:

  • three or more complaints in the last 6 months from one individual about the same problem 
  • one incident motivated by hate in the last 6 months from one individual

You will need to provide details of each time you’ve complained, who you’ve complained to (name, organisation and/or Incident Reference Number) and information about the anti-social behaviour.

If you believe your community trigger has met the above threshold of requirements, please complete the online form.

ASB community trigger

Before accessing the online form, you will need a MyBwD account. Watch a tutorial on how to create an account if you do not have one.

If you have any queries regarding community trigger, please email

Further information

If your complaint relates to an individual organisation or officer, please use the following contact details to make a corporate complaint: Blackburn Council: Tel 01254 585367 or email

  • NHS Lancashire & South Cumbria Integrated Care Boards: Tel 01254 282000 
  • Lancashire Constabulary: Telephone 101 or make a complaint online.
  • Together Housing: Contact Customer Services Tel 0300 555 5560 or email