Anti-social behaviour

Help and advice on anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour can be a challenging problem and covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that ruins the lives of individuals, communities and the environment on a daily basis. Victims of persistent anti-social behaviour can be left feeling alarmed and harassed and with a greatly reduced quality of life.

When considering the response to a complaint of anti-social behaviour and the level of action that would be the most appropriate using anti-social behaviour powers, the Council and other agencies need to consider the impact that the behaviour is having on victims and communities, as well as the devastating and growing impact that repeated anti-social behaviour can have on people if it carries on over a period of time.

The response to anti-social behaviour may require a combination of different agencies to determine the most appropriate solution. Action can range from preventative (when agencies intervene early to prevent problems from escalating or tackling the underlying causes of ASB) to fines and prosecutions.

On receiving complaints relating to anti-social behaviour, we will make sure that victims or complainants are kept informed whilst we consider what the best course of action is.

We will not require a victim of anti-social behaviour to take an action that is against their wishes. Where necessary and possible we will provide support to victims, often through other agencies.

Actions we can take:

  • informal words of advice (early intervention/door stepping)
  • acceptable behaviour contracts
  • parenting contracts
  • community protection warning and notice
  • restorative justice
  • civil Injunction
  • public space protection orders
  • community trigger
  • closure order
  • fixed penalty notice
  • prosecution.