In an emergency

In the event of an emergency, especially where there is an immediate threat to life or property, you should call the emergency service on 999.

You should remain calm, be patient, and deal with the important things first.

  • do not put yourself or others in danger
  • always follow the instructions given by the emergency services
  • remain calm, think before acting. Consider the hazards!
  • check for injuries - remember to attend to yourself before attempting to help others
  • be aware of the needs of others especially children, the elderly and vulnerable. Try to assist where possible and offer reassurance to others involved in the incident.

During an emergency, the emergency services and other responding agencies will primarily be concerned with those directly involved in the incident as well as the family and friends of any casualties.

It is vitally important that the responding agencies are allowed to get on with their task quickly and safely – their priority is the rescue operation. All agencies will be working to alleviate the effects of the emergency on the community whilst continuing to deliver essential and critical public services.

ICE: In Case of Emergency

Put "ICE" in your mobile phone – this involves putting the acronym ICE in front of designated emergency contact numbers i.e. ICE Joe or ICE mum.

In case of an emergency situation, the emergency service personnel can call your emergency "ICE" contact and inform them of your situation.