App: Council services on your mobile device

You can report problems to us whenever you like and wherever you are using MyBwd, our mobile app.

The app is available free of charge for all mobile devices and can be found in the appropriate app store by searching for “MyBwD” or via:

The reporting facilities in the app allow you to take photos and, if you have location services enabled on your smart-phone, mark the location of any issues you wish to report from around Blackburn with Darwen

If you use the app outside of the borough it will also automatically notify the relevant local authority.

Using the App

You can use the app to report a wide range of issues or to request a service.

1: Go to "Report it"

This can be found on the home page of the MyBwD app.

2: Select category

The MyBwD app allows you to easily capture and report on common issues including litter, bulky collections, parking, street cleaning and noise, as well as letting you submit a general request or other feedback.

3: Answer questions

You’ll be asked a number of questions about your submission. Mandatory questions are marked with asterisks. Please provide as much relevant information as possible to help us deal with your enquiry.

4: Add evidence

If you wish, you can take a photo or video of the issue and submit this along with your report.

5: Add location

Mobile app screenshot showing location picker
Mobile app screenshot showing location picker.

Select the location of the issue you wish to report by using the map.

You can zoom in and out of the map as you can with Google Maps.

The mapping tool can use location services to provide the council with an accurate location of the issue. If you have this service enabled on your smart phone, the pin-point will automatically appear at your current location.

To change the location, hold down the red pin on the map until it ‘lifts up’ from your location; then drag the pin to where you would like to report an issue.

If you have location services disabled, us the burger button (3 parallel lines) on the top left hand side of the map (see screenshot) and to see a number of options for choosing the location.

Once you have followed the steps, your report is ready for submission. All the information captured in the report will be submitted to the Council. You'll receive a response back from us within 24 hours. The report will submit your mobile number and email address, so that we can communicate directly with you to resolve the issue.

Other features

There are a number of other features such as:

  • a news & events feed giving you up to date information about what is happening in the borough
  • hotlinks to information such as:
    • the local roadworks bulletin
    • jobs at the Council
    • refuse & recycling collection times
  • access to Blackburn with Darwen’s on-line library.

We are always grateful to receive feedback from our customers so if you want to tell us what you think of the app or would like to make a suggestion about what else we could add to it, please send them to