Lost dogs

How to report a lost dog and guidance on seized dogs.

If you have lost a dog you should report the dog as missing immediately.

Report a lost dog

You will need to give as much detail as possible, such as:

  • where and when the dog was last seen
  • the colour, size and breed
  • whether it is tagged or micro chipped.

Dogs have been known to stray a considerable distance from home so we advise that you ask around in the surrounding area(s).

Seized dogs are taken to the kennels immediately and are kept for 8 full days, after which time attempts will be made to re-home found dogs wherever possible.

If your dog has been seized you must contact Animal Wardens on 01254 492024. Seized dogs must be collected within 8 days. Before your dog leaves the kennels, you will be required to pay any kennelling and/or veterinary charges that have been incurred.

All dog owners have a legal responsibility for their dogs and their behaviour. Whilst your dog is straying, you are unable to fulfill these responsibilities and have no control over your dog.