Electoral registration

The easiest way to register is online or through the post.

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Electoral register

The canvass communication form and the annual canvass

Electoral Registration Officers must by law issue a canvass communication form to all properties within their area from 1st July - 30th November each year; this process is known as the ‘annual canvass’. There are however changes this year.

If you have received a CCA-E Form (this will be displayed on the bottom left of the form) you only need to respond if there are any changes in your household. Where there is no change; you do not need to respond.

If you have received a CCB-E you must respond to this form whether there are any changes or not.

Remember: this is a legal requirement. If you don’t provide the information requested you could be fined £1000.

How to respond

If there are changes to the form, you can:

  • Go online. Please have your security code to hand, this is located on the front of the Household form.
  • Sign and post the form back in the envelope provided
  • Call free on 0800 197 9871 (you will need the security code from your form)
  • Or text 80212 followed by your security number

It takes two minutes to respond - don’t lose your vote.

Respond to your form online