Proxy votes

If you can't vote at a polling station, or you don't want to, find out what a proxy vote is and how to apply for one.

What a proxy vote is

A proxy vote is when you nominate someone you trust to vote on your behalf. Whoever you nominate can then vote for you at your polling station. They can also apply to vote as a proxy by post. 

If your proxy votes for you at the polling station, they'll need to take photo ID with them. Your proxy must be registered to vote, and eligible to vote in the same election.

From 1 November 2023, you will only be able to act as a proxy for a maximum of four people. Of these four, only two can be domestic electors. A domestic elector is one who is not overseas and who isn't in the armed forces (or a spouse or partner of someone in the armed forces).

If you have a permanent proxy vote, you will have to reapply for it before 31 January 2024.

How to get a proxy vote

Apply online

There is an online portal on the GOV.UK website where you can apply for a proxy vote

Apply online for a proxy vote

You can also:

Verifying your identity

Your identity needs to be verified for both online and paper applications. You will need to provide your National Insurance Number (NINO). This is then checked against data held by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

If your identity can't be verified this way, our Elections Team might ask you for additional information.

If you don't have a National Insurance Number, you may be able to verify your identity another way. 

Alternatively, there is a process where you can get someone to verify your identity.

Emergency Proxy Vote

In certain circumstances, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote up until 5pm on the day of the election. 

You can apply if:

  • a medical condition, illness or disability arises after the deadline for ordinary proxy applications 
  • you are a mental health patient detained under civil powers
  • your job, service or employment means you cannot go to the polling station in person, and you only became aware of this after the deadline for ordinary proxy applications
  • you meet any of the conditions relating to emergency proxies on the grounds of voter identification after the deadline to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document. This might be because:
    • your photographic ID, Voter Authority Certificate or an Anonymous Elector’s Document is lost, stolen, destroyed or so damaged that it is no longer useable after the deadline for making an application for a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document has passed
    • you have sent the accepted form of photo ID that you would use to vote in person, to another person to prove their identity, and it is unlikely that you will get it back in time
    • you applied for a form of accepted photographic ID including a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document in the 3 months before the deadline, and immediately before the deadline it has not arrived, and you have not withdrawn your application or had it refused
    • you are an anonymous elector but you have not been issued with an Anonymous Elector’s Document
    • you are an anonymous elector with an Anonymous Elector’s Document and, after the deadline, you have been given an elector number that is different to the one shown on your Anonymous Elector’s Document
    • you are an elector or proxy and you have a temporary Voter Authority Certificate, valid for use on polling day but before you can vote in person, proceedings at your polling station are adjourned (in the case of a riot)

To get an emergency proxy, ring us on 01254 585920. 

Where do I send my proxy vote application form?

Once you have completed your proxy vote application form, please send it to:

Elections Team, Blackburn Town Hall, King William Street, Blackburn, BB1 7DY

Find more about voting by proxy on GOV.UK