What you can do about climate change

Things you can do to help tackle climate change in Blackburn with Darwen

Getting involved

Climate change related activities are not just about climate change. They are about creating a better place to live. You can do things that will:

  • get you closer to nature
  • give you the opportunity to interact with members of your community
  • help to get you active

Lots of these are free, and some could even save you money!

This is why climate action is so important. It brings together so many other aspects of life, and ultimately paves the way for a better, brighter more cohesive vision for Blackburn with Darwen.

Home energy

Advice and information about how to get help with your energy costs.

If you are thinking about installing things like solar panels or a heat pump, there is advice and guidance on the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) website.

Community clean up

Help keep Blackburn and Darwen free from litter by organising a community clean-up

Litter picking

Sign up to be a Keep it Tidy volunteer.

Food waste

There's information about reducing food waste on the Blackburn with Darwen Food Alliance website.

The Wildlife Trust website has information about the Greenhouse Project at Witton Park, where you can learn how to grow your own food.

Planning and climate change

The Planning Portal website has great, up-to-date, national information for all things that may (or may not) require planning permission, including the types of things you may be looking to do to improve your home and its impact on the environment. 

Here are some links to specific information and advice on making your home better for the environment:

Greener homes - ways to make your home greener, including tips and advice on how to save energy, energy efficiency, home upgrades and renewable energy generation. 

Home improvement projects - useful information about other common projects and ways to lessen the impact on the environment. 

Electric vehicles - information on electric vehicles, ev charging points, how to get started on your electric vehicle and where you can get the best advice. This is a national website and so the information is updated accordingly.

Repairing things

The Making Rooms run repair workshops so you can earn how to mend things rather than throw them away.

Youth Climate Forum

Blackburn with Darwen's Youth Forum meet every week to look at important issues, including climate change.

If you have any more climate change links to share, email us at  climatechange@blackburn.gov.uk  

More information about climate change

The United Nations website has more information on actions you can take to help reduce the impact of climate change.

If you have any ideas or you want to share information on climate change related activities, email climatechange@blackburn.gov.uk.