Environmental permits for industrial processes

The Council regulates certain industrial processes to ensure that they do not pollute the environment.

This is done by issuing an environmental permit that lists environmental conditions that must be complied with. Conditions are based on government guidance.

We also inspect industrial sites on a risk based inspection program and respond to complaints from the public about these industrial sites.

List of permitted processes

Listed activities include:

  • energy: burning fuel, gasification, liquification and refining activities;
  • metals: manufacturing and processing metals;
  • minerals: manufacturing lime, cement, ceramics or glass;
  • chemicals
    • manufacturing chemicals
    • pharmaceuticals
    • explosives
    • storing chemicals in bulk;
  • waste
  • incinerating waste, operating landfills, recovering waste
  • solvents: using solvents
  • other:
    • manufacturing paper
    • pulp and board
    • treating timber products
    • coating
    • treating textiles and printing
    • manufacturing new tyres
    • intensive pig and poultry farming.

Listed activities are divided into three categories: Part A(1), Part A(2) and Part B.

Part A permits control activities with a range of environmental impacts, including:

  • emissions to air
  • land and water
  • energy efficiency
  • waste reduction
  • raw materials consumption
  • noise
  • vibration and
  • heat accident prevention.

Part B permits control activities which cause emissions to air.

The permit your business requires depends on the specific processes involved and resulting emissions.

Permits are available from the Environment Agency or your local authority(the regulator) depending upon the category your business falls within:

  • Part A(1)installations or mobile plants are regulated by the Environment Agency
  • Part A(2) and Part B Installations or mobile plants are regulated by the local authority, except waste operations carried out at Part B installations which are regulated by the Environment Agency
  • waste operations or waste mobile plant carried on other than at an installation, or by Part A or Part B mobile plants are regulated by the Environment Agency
  • mining waste operations are regulated by the Environment Agency.

Before you apply

Before you start your application we recommend that you contact us on 01254 267699 to discuss if an application is required and what it should contain.

Public register

A public register is held of information that relates to the regulation of these industrial sites. Please contact us to arrange for access to this information during normal office hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00).