Pest control: request treatment

If you wish to ask for a treatment you need to request it using the online form.

You will be asked to provide information including:

  • name, address and telephone number of person responsible for the property where treatment is required;
  • address of property where treatment required (if different);
  • whether the property is domestic or commercial;
  • if commercial, whether or not you have a commercial contract with the pest control service;
  • type of pest;
  • where the pest is in the property and details of any evidence of pest e.g. mice in kitchen, evidence of nibbled food packets;
  • how and when we can get in to carry out the treatment or whether an appointment needs to be made beforehand.

Requests for pest control must be made by the person either living in the property or paying for the treatment. This is for a number of reasons:

  • we need permission from the owner/occupier to access the property;
  • for chargeable jobs, we need the agreement of the person responsible for the charge;
  • where pesticides are used, we need to have the signature of the responsible person.

Request pest control