Rubbish in gardens, yards and private property

The Council will investigate complaints of nuisance caused by the build up of waste in a garden or yard of a property.

Whatever the reasons for the build up of rubbish, the occupier / owner of the house is responsible for sorting the problem out.

Report a build-up of waste in gardens

Waste that would generally cause a problem is food waste, nappies etc.

Problems caused by build ups of this type of waste are:

  • disease - waste (particularly food waste) attracts mice and rats which spread disease
  • odour - rotting waste gives off foul smells
  • insects - you may also start to get problems with flies and other insects
  • an unsightly mess - piles of waste outside a house makes the area appear run down and unpleasant
  • cost - every year, the Council responds to hundreds of complaints regarding waste accumulations and spends thousands of pounds getting the people responsible to sort their own waste out.

If we investigate a rubbish build-up, we will usually give the person responsible a set period of time to remove it. If the waste is not removed within the given time, the person responsible may be served with a legal notice.

Failure to comply may result in prosecution.

If they don't act we may remove the waste and send a bill for the work, plus an extra legal charge. It usually costs between £200 and £1,000.

It is against the law to burn waste.