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Corporate Plan 2019 -2023 State of the Borough Outcome Measures

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Total number of homes 61,780

Whilst almost three quarters of the borough's homes are in council tax bands A and B, between 2019 and 2020 the numbers of properties in bands C to F have seen proportional increases above the borough average.

New homes 301

During 2019/2020 301 new homes were completed in the borough. Of these 282 were new build dwellings and 19 conversions. Of the new build dwellings, 104 or 37% were on brownfield land.

Affordable new homes 25

For the period 2019/2020 there were 25 affordable housing units completed in the borough, a decrease from the figure of 169 in 2019/2018.

Number of empty homes 2,717

As of September 2019 4.4% of properties in the borough were classified as vacant, a decrease on the previous years figure of 5.0%. During 2019/2020, 559 long term vacant properties were brought back into use.

Average property price £114,849

Local house prices have steadily increased since 2016 but are well under regional and national averages. On average local house prices are 46% the value of English houses and 69% the value of homes within the North West.

Homes sold 1,935

Whilst almost two thousand properties were sold in the financial year 2019/2020, since March 2020 covid-19 has had an impact on the market, which will be seen in future updates.

Electric vehicle charging devices 24

The borough ranks mid quintile (within 40%-60% nationally) on the number of charging devices in the borough.

Food hygiene ratings 91%

91% of the borough's eating establishments that have been inspected, achieve a rating of three or better in the National Food Hygiene Rating scheme. Whilst 62.3% maintain the maximum rating of 5. This is for all local food premises that are not classified as exempt.

Broadband connectivity 99%

99% of the borough's commercial and residential premises can receive ultra fast broadband (defined as speeds greater than 24 Mbps). However it remains the decision of individual consumers whether or not to receive these speeds.

Total number of recorded crimes 15,527

The 12 month period to June 2020 saw a -12% decrease in the number of crimes compared to June 2019. Lancashire as a whole saw a -16% decrease. The national lockdown due to covid-19 will impact upon these figures. Proportionally, the greatest decreases were seen in non- residential burglary, vehicle offences and theft from the person.

Recent internet users 105,000

Resident's use of the internet has increased year on year. As of 2019 105,000 (90.9%) people aged 16 and over said they had used the internet in the last three months. Conversely 11,000 had never used or had not used in the last three months.

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) 7.88

The population weighted annual mean for the concentration of PM 2.5 has remained constant over the last 12 months. Compared to regional and English averages the borough significantly outperforms the England average (9.57) and is below the annual mean for the North West (8.35)

Air quality management areas 4

The borough maintains four air quality management areas.

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